Live Session Footage Dez and 165lb man’s lifting Desires

Ever wondered what a Lift and Carry Session is like?

Dez fulfilled a 165lb masked man’s lifelong Desire. His desire was to be lifted and carried like he weighs nothing. He previously had a couple of other sessions with other session girls had left him feeling unsatisfied. Unfortunately, not all session workers have the training and size advantage like Dez Desire does.

This client saw some of Dez’s videos easily lifting men that weighed much more than he weighs. He saw his dream of Dez lifting him. Imagine his state of mind when he saw that Dez planning a trip to HIS town –  he is beyond thrilled. He emails and books the session with Dez. He asked if he could film the session. Dez said he had to be okay with it going public. He was totally cool with the video going VIRAL! No Problem, Dez says!

Finally, the day came. They have the awesome lift and carry session. What a session it was for him! He was lifted in a pile driver, a body slam, fireman carry, cradle, piggy back, front piggy. He is on Dez’s shoulders for 5 minutes straight moving from two shoulders to one shoulder and back. Dez even walks with him over unstable mattress with complete ease. See it for yourself!

Dez woman handles him with ease. She totally fulfilled this masked man’s Desires and beyond. He is now one of her biggest fans and can’t wait for the next opportunity when his body and spirits can be uplifted by Dez again.

Dez was nursing a major injury when this video was done. She was still able to carry him around in a variety of ways. Think of what she can do now that she is healthy again!

27 minutes

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One shoulder – meh