Dancing With The Scissor Stars

Dance rivals Dez Desire and Rapture have always had a fierce competition between them to see who was the best dancer. As the 2 wait for their turn to audition for the new show in town, they quickly get into it. Dez hip checks Rapture as she’s trying to stretch, which sets it off between the two. The two throw each other down on the floor, and begin to use their powerful dancer legs to inflict pain on the other. With head and body scissors, both girls squeeze as hard as they can. Dez gains the upper hand at one point, catching Rapture in a reverse head scissor, and pulling her face up into her juicy ass. As the two begin to tire, Rapture offers Dez a peace plan. Rapture’s been having trouble with an ex and wants Dez to take care of him for her. If Dez promises to crush his head and knock him out with her powerful legs, Rapture will not audition and let Dez have the spot. Dez agrees, as the clip fades out on the sadistic smile on both girls faces.

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