Competitive White GI BJJ Match

Teammate challenge.

Dez wants to prove that her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills are better than Ally’s.

A new blue belt, Dez wants to take on her classmate, who is nearly ready for her purple belt promotion.

Dez has secretely been competing with this girl, even though they are often training partners and go to competitions together, Dez doesn’t want her teammate, to progress faster than her… so she will prove it.

Dez doesn’t think Ally deserves the promotion, nor be ahead of her on stripes.

So, after training one day, she asks Ally if she’s interested in a 20 minute “most submissions” match.

They go beyond 20 minutes because it turns out, Ally is very competitive against Dez, and will do whatever it takes to stay ahead.

27 minutes

Screenshots below. Please forgive the low quality of the photos– they are only screen shots of the live action so tend to come out a bit blurred.