Coffee Shop Beatdown- 2 girls vs 1guy

Dez is really happy to finally catch up with her hot friend Lauren. Lauren has been body building, training for football, practicing Muay Thai, and being an all around babe. Two peas in a pod! As they start to talk about training while sipping a cup of joe, some muscular dude comes and rudely interrupts, trying to flaunt his “fake” feathers. He is rejected and sent away, only to return again with more degrading things to say to the girls. The girls scold and insult him more and he finally leaves again. He returns a  third time and dude wants some attention but the girls just aren’t into it– his need for attention results in a brutal and humiliating beat down with both girls trading shots, kicks, fists to the nuts, chokes and derogatory insults being traded. By the time the double team beatdown ends, ol douchey boy crawls away on his knees, glad he got to be near those hot babes.

The acting is all improve, one take, and is stellar.

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