Mixed Wrestling – Dez and Her Knockout Thighs

It doesn’t take long after the opening bell for the trained and agile Dez Desire to overwhelm her male victim with relentless skill and tenacity. Her long arms and strong legs constrict themselves around their prey leaving him with little to do but beg for mercy.

Dez Wrestling Domination, Arm Wrestling

Dez however, quickly shows him the definition of beauty over brawn as she begins total destruction of his body. Dez catches him in choke after choke; rear nakeds, triangles, and a Darce. To keep her arms from tiring out, she throws in a mix of head & body scissors. 12 minutes

De Maskulation Prowrestling – A Mask Won’t Save You

Females in the prowrestling world is rising and so are their skills.
So when this masked man comes into her ring, wants to use it and thinks he can anonymously destroy this female wrestler, he is shown otherwise.
Women have earned the praise they deserve, and a place beneath their feet!! 8 minutes

Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches Done Right

Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches done Right… FINALLY! This rocker chick has a strange hobby! Proving her badassery on another weak male. See his back stretch like you cannot believe, him groan in pain, and her dominate with glee. (10 mins)