You Hit Like A Girl- Female vs Male Boxing

After not going hard enough on her, her opponent, tired of being punched, goes back to his bully ways. He swings hard and heavy at Dez, landing solid shots. Towards the end of the round, the two plant there feet and tee off on each other, ala Hearns vs Hagler. >4 minutes

Girls Fighting- Dez and Warrior Amazon Spar

Two athletic women Dez Desire (5’10”) and Warrior Amazone training together, doing light sparring work playfully. Watch these two goddesses playfully hone their craft in a light non competitive setting. Would one knock the other out ? Who will win a competitive match between the two?

Dez’s Punching Bag

Dez’s Punching Bag: Most MMA gyms have a Bob; a punching bag in the shape of a mans body. Pro MMA fighter Dez Desire broke Bob last week, so for today’s training she decides to bring in a replacement in the form of an unlucky real man. 11 minutes