Piledriver Madness with Dez Desire

The guy endures so many moves, Dez maintains her methodical movements and grabs him up for the next bit of torture. For over 10 minutes, this carry’s on. You almost feel bad for the twerpy guy, since he stands no chance is just keeps taking the devastating moves over and over.
If you’re into Lift and Carry, Pro wrestling, Piledrivers, chokes, and Dez, this is the video for you.

Beatdown in a Gi – Dez takes it out on MMA “fighter”

Not only does Dez take his ass down, she keeps him down. Immediately, his ego is checked and his confidence (actually just EGO) drops like panties at 2am in a Texas country bar. She proceeds to beat him, smother him, taunt him, choke him, threaten appendage breaks and taps him. He cries in agony. He pleads.

Competitive White GI BJJ Match

Dez wants to prove that her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills are better than Ally’s. Dez doesn’t think Ally deserves the promotion, nor be ahead of her on stripes. Turns out, Ally is just as competitive against Dez, and will do whatever it takes to stay ahead. 27 minutes

Grappling is for Girls- Mixed Wrestling

Boys don’t stand a chance against Dez when it comes to submission grappling.

This guy may be strong, but Dez has strength and technique.

Competive and legit, this is a match you don’t want to miss. 12 mins