Dez Breaks in the New Girl with a Ceiling Hold

Have you seen Dez and her Ceiling Hold?

It took much practice to get it right, to give to the best of them.

Dez hears it all the time. People always saying “I wanna be a wrestler!” and “Teach me how to wrestle so I can do what you do.”

What they don’t realize, is becoming a pro wrestler takes time, discipline and building a threshold for pain in order to even get going. It takes WORK.

It gets so tiring hearing things like, “I’m going to become a wrestler.” But they never show up to practice.

So when a young, fresh attractive blonde comes to Dez to ask her to show her how to wrestle, Dez is skeptical. She devises a plan to be extra hard on the newcomer, full of zeal. Dez knows that if she breaks in the new girl good, the new girl will not be able to handle it and will go away, or she will handle it and she will have the potential on becoming a great wrestler. But first, Dez needs to make sure.

Lily arrives a bit reserved. Maybe she was having doubts about what she’s gotten herself into. But it’s too late to turn back. Lily Ice agreed to take a little tutorial from Dez as she really wants to be involved in the industry. Dez gives it to her good. She starts off with a knee to the gut, a body slam, a sleeper hold. She gives a Boston Crab, Scorpian, back breakers and many other classic moves and holds. The beloved CEILING HOLD is finally administered. Dez lifts her so smoothly that you will cry like you did when you were 5 years old when the Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. Tears of joy and of pain watching the precious moment.

Several minutes in, Dez comments on Lily’s flexibility, and soon, Lily begs, “no more no more”. Dez places her in a very uncomfortable Camel Clutch before finally putting her to sleep. Dez is impressed. It does seem, however, Lily might now have second thoughts. After a victory pose, Dez exclaims, “If she survived that, she is an excellent wrestling candidate.”

Are you ready to receive Dez and her Ceiling Hold? Can you hang?

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