Grappling is for Girls- Mixed Wrestling

Boys don’t stand a chance against Dez when it comes to submission grappling.  That’s because grappling is for girls. Mixed wrestling isn’t  your typical fetish fun playful time when it comes to wrestling with Dez. She brings it to a whole new level. A level you average men can’t compare to. A level you regular guys could never compete with

This guy may be strong, so he thinks. Aren’t men supposed to be stronger than women? It doesn’t matter. Dez has strength and technique. And with those weapons, this guys doesn’t stand a chance. Or does he do well? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Competive and legit, this is a match you don’t want to miss. They sweat, they squash, they groan, they growl. They compete and as you watch you will realize you can’t do any of that. And this guy… poor fella. He thought he knew more than the average trained woman- he is a man, after all. Sitting in the bar after work watching the fights thinking of how easy it is, that he could beat half of them. He, nor YOU, could hold a candle to ANY of them!

See how much Dez really knows.

Watch this competitive display of female skill!

Watch Preview HERE

12 minutes