Beatdown in a Gi – Dez takes it out on MMA “fighter”

If you’re a true fighter, you know that a good fight requires more than just physical strength. It requires awareness determination, mental strength, and some technique would help. That’s why Dez Desire is so irked with dudes who say they are “fighters” but don’t even have one iota of self-discipline that it would take.  They lack mental fortitude to actually do what it takes to train hard, and just want to reep the acknowlegement of the title. Such reasons are why Dez doesn’t let this big mouth push her around when it’s her time and space to train. He says she cannot. This douche bag, supposed MMA “fighter”, deserves a real beatdown for his attitude. And Dez gives it to him. A Beatdown in a Gi that he will never forget.

It starts of as Dez often does. She talks about herself, and what she can do, and what she is going to do. She begins wi– wait! What?? This prick interrupts her and has the audacity to tell her to get off the mat? Who does this guy think he is? He thinks he’s a fighter, but clearly that proves a lie, as no trained martial artist would have so much disrespect while on the mat towards anyone. Dez tries to remain cool. A proposition is made. If Dez can get this fool on the ground, she can have the space.

Not only does Dez take his ass down, she keeps him down. Immediately, his ego is checked and his confidence (actually just EGO) drops like panties at 2am in a Texas country bar. She proceeds to beat him, smother him, taunt him, choke him, threaten appendage breaks and taps him. He cries in agony. He pleads. Occasionally, Dez has to knock him off his ego trip yet again when he gets a boost of brattiness. She removes her gi and chokes him with it.

This fight goes on for over 25 minutes, and their sweaty bodies glisten over their tan skin and noticable muscles protrude, leaving shadows by the setting sun peeking through the windows of the dingy door. You’ll see how not only does Dez show how she’s far superior in ther skills and technique, but also, in her willpower, determination and true self-confidence. Not to mention her stout, sturdy and firm athletic body, after she rips off her own gi.

Eventually, she demands he kiss her feet. He does, begging for it to end. Sure… Dez feels sympathetic to him. But she does not feel sympathetic enough to not pick him up to give him one last huge bodyslam before it’s over.

Don’t fuck with me, she says, or you’ll receive my Beatdown, in a gi.

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