Demo #5 – Transition to cradle

This post continues the answer to the question what types of lift and carries can I do and with how much weight. Here is another lift in my repertoire again with a 200lb male.

2 thoughts on “Demo #5 – Transition to cradle

  1. O_O

    You handle these 165-200+lb grown men like they’re 25lb toddlers. You should do a lifting competition between you and a 200lb guy, he’ll, do it in heels, and count how many ways you can lift him with ease that he can’t lift you. What is your favorite lift and carry to do? Why? And how does it feel knowing you have this kind of power, physical superiority over another human being?

  2. I think I have never seen such a display of power and strenght in a woman, I am utterly speechless! Like you said, she lifts 100 (and even more) kilos men like they were little babies, and the stunning thing is that this superhuman strenght fits in a gorgeous and still feminine body. Her overpower doesn’t come from huge bulk of muscles made up in a gym, but it looks mainly coming from her natural build.

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