Day 3 london

Sooooo much fun filming for Scorpion .

I met the gorg Laken Fire, got to beat up Squishy, and third match that morning with hot red head Araneae.

I can’t wait to watch those matches.

After, hours of sessions, and mostly rally tough ones… until zzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, filming for Pippa, then EVENT!!

Thank you for reading these. I feel truly fortunate to get to live my life and do as I do.



One thought on “Day 3 london

  1. Your timing was good, had you tried to come a week or two later things went into lockdown here. The last time I went out to Piccadilly circus there was hardly anyone there, there was one guy playing music and singing, a couple were dancing it had some end of the world vibe to it, it was sad yet beautiful at the same time. Only thing missing was a sunset! I thought things would ease within 2weeks or so , glad I didn’t make a bet on that.

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