Memories for Today

I hope everyone is hanging in there. Sorry if this sounds insensitive or naive, as I realized the threat of deaths and the unfortunate deaths that have been caused by this, but I really find a lot of cool things about this quarantine situation.

When I was in a kid, I grew up in a small Mountain Town, had a very high elevation. We were surrounded by mountain ranges and mountainous canyons and hundreds of thousands of pine trees.

One year when I was in grade school, we had a huge Wildfire breakout nearby, caused by squirrel that got electrocuted in a powerline. As the days went by, the fire grew immensely and would lurk closer and closer to our hometown which had a population of 300.

From my elementary school– which sat on the edge of the Mountainside, and the canyon side walls of every one of those classrooms we’re giant windows– we could see the forest fire overtaking the mountain in the distance, helicopters working tirelessly dumping water that seemed to no avail. The only thing between that fire and US was a steep downhill into a canyon and then back up hill to our town.

We were told that we were going to have to evacuate but we would wait it out as long as we could. Families were scared. The kids were scared cuz their parents were scared. People were worried for their homes and we were worried for our town.

By the time we were evacuating, single-engine airplanes were dropping pink fire retardant all around the perimeters of the town and on our streets and houses.

But I’ll never forget what my science teacher told us one day while we were staring out the window at this looming, life-threatening, devastating wildfire good.. He exclaimed with excitement, to the effect of– take advantage of the situation! This doesn’t happen every day and it rarely happens to even some of the people, and hardly anyone will ever get to experience something like this!

For some reason, that science teacher and what he said always affected me throughout the years. Cool things can come of this. A learning experience in any situation! That’s the way of scientist views the world, I suppose.

It seems that we’re going to be okay. Yes there are threats and there will be some hardships. But nothing we can’t get through. But just like that fire, right now is a time in our life that will go down in history. We’re in this together and we’re sharing this experience together, GLOBALLY, and it’s just a really cool thing that maybe only once a century anyone will see anything like it.

I’m thankful to get back to sessions and making more custom videos when this is all over. I’ll be thankful to get back to training so I can have my debut Pro MMA fight graduate from amateur status. I’ll be thankful to get back to my entertainment and shows and performance art.

But for now I’m really enjoying not feeling rushed or on any kind of schedule and remembering how to appreciate the little things.

Facing East. Facing South ward just as gorgeous. I took these photos from Google Map and for some reason the road doesn’t go in front of my house are on the road going house is on. It stops right here.
Ponderosa Pine in back yard.

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  1. Hey I get what your science teacher said, most people will be too hurting and scared now to grasp it but it’s true there’s opportunity in disaster, a lot of successful people good and bad made their break through hard times and as great as globalisation has been for us over the last century or so with plane travel there are a lot of drawbacks to put it kindly. Dwindling resources, climate change and stuff like that forest fire that affected you, wars and exploitation and very pertinently the spread of disease is a product of our activities. We definitely can do better and if that means slowing things down that’s a good thing, plus getting some serious perspective like you’re in the supposed richest country in the world, I’m in one of the ‘G7’ (Crap figurehead status a lot of these supposed greats aren’t that great) the UK and both are struggling badly with this virus, lack of this and that. They clearly make a lot of money but where is it going? Plenty of money going towards warring needlessly (Yeah think about that people that think things are bad right now, what of those poor nations that were targets for imperialism?) and war spreads disease like nothing else, a lot of money is thrown at entertainment. I love entertainment but, when I hear how much pro athletes get paid it makes me sick, 1 ball game especially of that overrated sport football (soccer to NA), makes me want to hurl thinking how much good that kind of money can do for communities, lack of hospitals etc. The bigger problem isn’t disease itself it’s the bad management of healthcare IMO.

    Once a century is optimistic sadly, epidemics and worse are a lot more common than people realise just for us in the 1st world they usually don’t get that bad so don’t hit home, then we have big natural disasters like the tsunami in 2004 or major earthquakes, rightly said though this virus is just a blip we’ve handled far worse to get where we are (though how much we’ve learned is another thing). But whether it’s once a century or every decade when we get big setbacks I hope we as humans can learn to respect nature better, stop conflicts and work together rather than against each other and if we head closer to that goal after this then there’s some positives to take from this disaster. So yeah that is cool if so, like hearing how pollution is a lot lower since lockdowns that even animals are running around without fear like dolphins swimming around Venice.

    I had a browse on the internet about pathogens out of morbid curiosity, one expert who wrote a book about it tried to convince people to see them in a different light rather than a negative one as they are fascinating (It’s even said that our thought processes can be and are affected by viruses etc so that begs the question how individual our minds really are!), I still see them as scourges to living things as they are usually existing to plague us and harm us but still knowledge is power and fun!

    Good luck with your pro fighting career! I heard they wanted to stage UFC on an island despite the virus but that fell through, if that happened gosh it would be real life Mortal Kombat! {^()^}

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