Custom Video for You

As I’m sure you’re well aware, many of us girls who conduct sessions also participate in making custom videos. That means if you have something in your mind that you’d want to see any of us girls do, I get a lot of lifting carry or gorilla press request, then you can order your very own custom video. Being able to be home I created myself a little studio in my garage and I’m quite proud of it and would love to be able to make some flicks for you.

I’m including the video price list, that gives a general idea of the cost. There’s always room for negotiation so please don’t hesitate to just ask and see if there is something you would like.

Video prices
30 seconds = $30
1 minute = $60

3 minute = $80

5 minute = $100

7 minute = $125

10-14 minutes = $150

15-19 minutes = $175

20 minutes = $200

23minutes = $225

25 minutes = $250

26-29 = $275

30 minutes = $300

 To add another person to the video (other than you)is an added $125 for up to 15 minutes

$200 for 15+ minutes. (Males are less.)

Pro cameraman = $50

Beatdowns, passing/knocking out, wardrobe requests, and very specific requests incur small additional fee ($25-$100)

Thank you for supporting what I loooooove doing.