Cool insight to… FIGHT

Although we been on lockdown in quarantine, i still maintain the goal to be successful with MMA fighting. Or gym is closed– no MMA pr BJJ training… No seeing other people! I have been cheating and seeing one other person.

It wasn’t a big deal at first because we didn’t realize the magnitude of this virus thing. So we always train together and we were aware of precautions in the virus but we still would get together. This person is my strength and conditioning coach. We work out in his backyard, he has all the equipment.

He usually trains the UFC fighters at the gym, but since the gym is closed down he cannot train and neither can anyone else. But I’ve been fortunate enough that before this turned into as big of a deal as it is.. Or at least before we realize how big of a deal it is, we’ve always been training together so we felt like it was safe for us to just keep our line there and keep training. I will have you know that we are both very concerned about the virus because he has a 90 year old father who lives with him.

Although he never fought, as an MMA enthusiast, he knows a lot. But he knows even more about neuromuscular, strength and conditioning, Kinesiology and biology etc etc.

So I think that that’s the only reason why I’ve been sane, through all this.

Being able to take my pups into the desert and Hike, having more free time to meditate, and getting my ass kicked by his workouts, has really been what has kept me feeling good and hopeful through all of this strange time.

I’m going to share with you some pics and videos of training. And I’m hoping that when things get back to normal, I don’t have to fight as an amateur anymore, hopefully I will get it my first pro MMA fight.

One thought on “Cool insight to… FIGHT

  1. I don’t think you should feel bad (and I doubt you do anyway!) about trying to maintain some form of normality through this, lockdown and social distancing guidelines/rules or not. (Plus you make me feel very lazy hehe I’ve neglected my own martial arts training for years now and I am getting older, I’m not a pro or semi pro though it’s a hobby rather than a profession but even so) Yep I know going out etc there are risks of getting sick etc but exercise and not even exercise itself but keeping morale up is super important and the ‘experts’ neglect to factor that when they talk about staying in good health, restrictions and fear often leads to worse health… But I probably would feel differently if I was old and infirm, I’m at an age and of reasonable health where a cold or flu would did big damage…. Must say I’m envious of the landscape you get to train and live in! I imagine being that remote would make you pretty safe from the spread of disease!

    I don’t follow MMA, I did a little back in the pre early UFC days and when Pride was a thing, watched MMA live twice a while back but if you do make it onto UFC etc I’ll be supporting you!


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