Bear Hug Madness

Revenge is a sweet thing. But why does Dez want to seek revenge on this poor unassuming Luchador?

She seems to have a thing for these Luchadors… And in this case, she Bear Hugs them so tight he almost passes out. A bear hug so tight his body goes limp. Not to mention torturous torture racks back to back. She threatens the ref, shivering in his wrestling shoes the entire match. And in addition to the life taking bear hugs and strenuous torture racks, the Luchador gets dropped and stomped on with tall black leather boots!!

How does this women lift another wrestler of 200lbs!?!? With the sweet drive of revenge. Fulfilling her Desires, as usual, that Dez.

Full video coming soon.

NOTE: this was a post that was supposed to be published a couple weeks back. For some reason is that in my drafts and didn’t publish. Apologies for the delay. The video has been for sale already.