#8 Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Submission

It’s so easy to take you down. I stand face to face with you. Before you realize, I’ve reached down to grab both your ankles, and as I lift to the left side of me, my head barrels into your stomach, knocking you over. I have both your ankles under my left armpit now, you are laying like a turtle on your back. Your left ankle is crossed under your right. Perfect, my little worm. I reach my right arm under the knee of your left as I step in, and it bends your knee just enough to make an opening for me to reach my left hand under and through. You are now in a figure four- your right leg bend slightly and ankle under my armpit, and your left knee bowed outward and your ankle under your left knee, being help up by my arm. I have both my hands meeting near your right knee. The pressure is so much. Not only does your ankle under my armpit feel like it will bend down and break, but your left knee pressured by my forearm feels like it will crack. I pull you up high, so that you are onto your shoulders you writhe in pain, your joints cracking. You reach for me, but your arms are too short, too far. I love looking down on you, rendered incapable and exposed. I let you cry long enough until tears come out. I release, smiling coyly.

See video at https://vk.com/id589291793?z=video589291793_456239024%2F40aa282ddf90f54f63%2Fpl_wall_589291793

Youre going down
Hit hard!
There’s nothing you can do when I have control
Cloverleaf, baybay
Fools. Leaving satisfied, as usual.

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  1. Dam, you are like a little bulldozer! If I ever visit Vegas again hopefully I can see firsthand what you can do.

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