#7 Catch my Crucifix

Catch Crucifix

I watch you struggle to get back you your knees after a powerful body slam. Slamming you to the ground brings me great joy. You hit hard. You take a few gasping breaths, and you turn over onto your stomach. You feebly push yourself onto your hands and knees, still trying to catch your breath. I get to my knees to meet you with a front head lock, butts pointing opposite directions. I tease a guillotine. Instead, I take my left arm and reach under your armpit (an overhook) and regrip so that both your head and arm are in my control. You are on your knees unable to roll or stand up, as my chest is heavy on the upper part of your back and head. With a powerful push from my toes, I yank you to your right, which is a snap pull of your head in a circular motion, and your free arm follows which opens your left side, exposing your armpit. Bingo. I release my grip at the same time I take my right leg and step over your head, all while maintaining closeness. You feel confused as to what is happening. My foot hooks under your left armpit and I squeeze your arm with the crook of my knee. You’re immediately subdued there. My right arm reaches under your other armpit and grabs my left with its forearm pressuring down on the back of your neck. At this point, I have both your arms—your left with my legs, my belly across both your latissimus dorsi… muscles. Although I wouldn’t say there’s much muscle there, at least not enough for me. And then, my arms are under your armpit, like and underhook from the back, and controlling your shoulder. I press my body weight onto the back side of your head, crunching you down, and then I roll onto my side and quickly onto my back. This forces you to slam your head into the ground and to complete a forward roll over my stomach. I am on my back now, perpendicular to you, both your arms trapped my mine and my legs. Your stomach rests uncomfortable on my belly. I swing my outside leg over your head. You cry in pain as your neck gets stretched away from its shoulder, my arms stretching yours, and my hooked leg still controlling your other arm. You’re helpless. Useless. You groan in pain the entire time, then screech in agony as I arch and really stretch you out. Why so serious?

Body slam
Going for a guillotine. Decide otherwise
The set up
The roll
He’s out

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