#6 Stretch Muffler

Stretch Muffler

You’re actually standing up. You look nervous. I don’t think too much about it, and instead I swoop in for a double leg take down. I drive hard, and you hit the ground even harder. I maneuver to kneel between your legs while you’re flat on your back as I grab your right ankle with my left hand. I lift up that leg and stick my head under. The back of your knee rests on the back of my neck and I use my biceps to squeeze the top of your thigh and the top of your shin into my neck. It is somewhat twisted outward almost like a frog leg. I stand up and you dangle, hanging off me with your leg, your back arches almost like a single legged Boston Crab. As I sit back to my right hip, I swing my legs under you and end up having your subdued leg between both of mine. I use my outside leg to stomp and kick your head, until you are pleading for pity. You are pitiful.

See this clip at https://vk.com/feed?section=videos&z=video589291793_456239023%2Ffe8c8a88ead1c1fc77%2Fpl_post_589291793_8