#5 Pass the Eff Out

Arm Triangle

Here we are again. You struggled to free yourself but somehow, I ended up in “mount” position, straddling you. I scoot down a little bit just enough to lay down and give you a strong grapevine with my long, lean legs. My chest is smothering you as I do this and the pressure on your nose is too great to move. I arch up, retaining the grapevine but opening your face. You reach up toward me. I take my right hand to swipe your left arm across your chest, and as I do so, I release the grapevine. I lay on you. Heavy. Your left arm is smooshed against your chest under my ribs, and you can feel me moving my strong body to the side of you as my head presses your arm further across your body. My left arm slides under your head, all why my head controls your left arm. My hands meet and grab a gable grip near your left ear. My body is completely off you, our hips side by side. You feel relieved for that moment until you realize my arms are squeezing your head, pressing your very own arm and shoulder into your neck, while my left arm also squeezes the opposing artery. It’s a struggle cuddle. A love hug—I love to knock you out. Oh! There you go!

See this clip at VK https://vk.com/feed?section=videos&z=video589291793_456239022%2F601edc0f14fa674665%2Fpl_post_589291793_8

Done, Son