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We all have Needs. We all have Desires.


If your Desire is to know what it feels like to be dominated by the strength, skill, and endurance of a trained woman, look no further.

I am a professional and offer private wrestling sessions to those who dare step up.

Feel how I can put you in many physically uncomfortable positions and make you groan with pain, but only as much as I allow. Feel the helplessness as fighting back only tires you out, while I place legitimate submissions on your weak limbs and untrained body.

If you have never been trained in grappling, wrestling or jiu jitsu but always wanted to know what it was like, I can show you.

Or perhaps you already know what you like, and prefer getting your blood or air supply cut off by a dominating and powerful choke of mine. This can be done many ways, such as with my strong biceps or my firm thighs. If this is what you fancy, I can do it.

Do you wish you could be lifted up like a toddler and carried around in the arms, or on the back, or clinging to the body of a muscular, strong woman? Do you wish to be consoled in a way you haven’t been since you were a child? That’s what I’m here for. I will lift you and carry you in so many ways, ways you’ve never even heard of. You’ll never have felt so small and weak.

Are you tired of calling the shots at work? Tired of being Mr. Big Boss all week long? I can help you wind down. Let me be your boss. Or don’t let me–I will take the role, forcefully, if necessary. I will make you feel like the submissive, tired weakling that you are. You will do as I say because, well, there’s no other choice … I’m stronger, faster and better trained than you.

What is your wish? A well deserved ass-beating? A competitive match to see your where you stand with your fight skills? A healthy athletic challenge? Or just rolling around to enjoy the love of wrestling, sweat, and exercise? That’s me. Let me know.

Please respect that I am a professional and as such do not respond to requests for any type of sexual play. In the past, session wrestling was mostly done by bodybuilders fulfilling mostly fantasy sessions. I thank them for paving the way! This definition, still on Wikipedia, no longer holds accurate. These days, most session girls maintain a respect for the job, operate professionally, and HAVE ACTUAL, LEGITIMATE TRAINING TO BREAK YOUR BODY PARTS, BEAT YOU UP, AND USE YOU AS OUR DUMMY.

Europe trip – London, Review by RNC, March 5, 2020

Since I started session wrestling (8 years ago), I’ve been hoping to find someone like Dez. She is the perfect session wrestler. She has everything. Dez is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. There is no-one on the planet that I would prefer to spend time rolling around with.

I didn’t know fully what to expect on the mats. I was 100% sure that she would destroy me given her background in MMA & Jiu-Jitsu and her record against other top session wrestlers – but I didn’t know how she would feel relative to the other top session wrestlers that I’ve faced. She feels as good as any of them. She is very powerful and skilled. Dez is right up there with the very best. There’s no doubt about it.

Another great thing about Dez is that she can role-play and trash-talk better than anyone. This might be my favorite thing about her – where she would tell me what a wimp I was in a calm, believable, direct way while smiling and putting me in whatever submission hold she felt like. She is a complete natural at this. She brings her personality to the session. She got me into positions where I was fully restrained (couldn’t move) – forcing me to say things, forcing me to repeat things after her, etc. It was the most fun I’ve had in a session in a long time (or ever actually).

Dez is super fun, super hot, super skilled – honestly, the best session experience that anyone could ever want. It’s hard to justify booking anyone else knowing that Dez is out there. I hope she comes back to London again. If not, I will have to make the trip to Vegas.

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My SkilLS

cowboy butt



Skilled practitioner of BJJ, Boxing, Pro Wrestling, Muay Thai. Have several sanctioned MMA fights under my belt

Entertainer and Performer

I love entertaining and performing. Have done it all from Performance Art, Dancing, Singing, Acting, Theater


5’10” 160lbs
Have years of experience with photoshoots, runway modeling, fashion modeling, and artistic nude modeling

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Don’t talk shit to this lady!


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AWESOME session i had with Dez in LV. She is very beautiful, fantastic personality, tall, long legs, fantastic body, fit, smart, witty, dominant and very into the role that was discussed. I wish i could have tried out some of her fighting skills, but i’m way out of her league and would get whupped any way she chose.
SO prompt to answer emails, inquisitive, really wants to know what you’re looking for and she does a super job of providing what you want. SO much fun and she is just so memorable.
Cannot wait to see her again. She is a total joy.
Very highly recommended, beauty, power and first class!!!
thanks so much Dez

Paul – Jan 2020

I’ve had a lot of great sessions with awesome women I met through sessiongirls site & I must admit after 1 session Dez moved herself high up my list due to her unique combination of legit skills, a beautiful face and a FANTASTIC body with good size & athleticism to boot. I’m a very big guy with ok athleticism and strength myself and even if I’m feeling submissive (which is rare) most women wear themselves out just trying to get me into holds, let alone having the energy/strength to squeeze out a submission.

Randy – 12/17/2019

Another thing that makes Dezzy so rare is that she is by far the TOUGHEST woman I’ve ever wrestled. As I said we were just having fun but even with a bad shoulder at one point she let me have a good position & made it a point to let me know she was disappointed I wasn’t putting all of my weight on her to gain an advantage. The term gets overused these days but this woman’s definitely a SAVAGE!

Dec 2019

I have been doing sessions for over 20 years. Dez is by far the best! She is my “dream girl”!

She was punctual and polite.
Dez can be as docile as a lamb or as fierce as an ox. She is tall and has model-looks…just a natural beauty and genuine. Let me reiterate, I have been doing sessions since I was in my late teens, and she is my favorite. Dez will put you at ease, or put you to sleep with her holds, it’s up to you and you won’t be disappointed either way!

I saw Dez for a mostly lift and carry session sprinkled in with some wrestling and must say it was a total load of fun!! She’s Beautiful, Tall, Sweet, and very Strong, Athletic, and Fit!! She was very nice and accommodating and seemed to be able to lift and carry my 165 lbs very easily and tirelessly!

Dez  was bold enough to suggest carrying me in the hallway and back!! But she didn’t just carry me she ran!!! 🙂 When it came to wrestling it was very evident she could do anything she wanted to me, but fortunately she was very sweet and kind and respected my limits. Had a great time and great conversation with her and she’s definitely worth seeing!!

I love Dez! Had a session with her recently. She is the perfect session wrestler! Beautiful, sexy, strong as an ox and kicked my butt easily. I’m 6’0 195# and I couldn’t keep her down. Her legs are like marble and her back is super strong. I loved everything about our session. Definitely will see her again!

She is absolutely stunning, and very skilled from pro wrestling, grappling, and boxing she does it all. In person she is very welcoming and enjoys the session just as much if not more. Bottom line Dez is a must see and I can’t wait for my next opportunity

I have never been inside of a ring and took the opportunity to schedule that with Dez, she took the time to show me the ropes literally and we even had a pro style match it was so fun and I thank her for showing me a small insight on pro wrestling. We also boxed a little nothing too serious and i was glad for that cause I would have gotten tagged up.

Lift and Carry fans there is new L&C queen! Recently had a session with Dez and she was *AMAZING*. I have had several sessions over the years with some of the best names in the business and Dez is by far the best of them. I session mostly with athletic girl next door types and not body builder physiques. Not only is Dez gorgeous, she has a great personality and is a totally genuine person.

Not a clock watcher – she will make sure that you get your L&C fix and go back happy!. We did all sorts of lifts – Shoulder, Fireman, Cradle, Upside Down and she had no problems handling my 180lbs. And most of this was with her in 3″ heels! She even did squats with me wearing heels – and not just those fake squats – she went below parallel and easily – no strain!. All I can say is wow!!!

All I can say is wow. When you first meet her, you’ll think she’s too sweet to have that dominant side. Don’t let her gorgeous looks or beautiful smile fool you – she’s the real deal. Dez is probably the most skilled wrestler I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She controlled me the entire match and probably made me tap at least 50 times. I had so much fun that I actually scheduled another session with her the next day (the first time I’ve ever done that!). 

Dez is and was by far my favorite shoot. She is incredibly nice and super athletic. We boxed and wrestled. Dez in a very skilled striker and no problem exchanging blows and eat body punches. She’s an even better grappler. At one point she even knocked me out. I recommend her to anyone who wants a great session. Can wait to do it again

I saw her recently on her trip to my town, and she’s great… I’m glad I got to meet her. I’m a bit bigger than her, but she was able to control me, probably pretty easily. Her legs are great at scissoring, and she was nice to talk to as well. I hope she comes back sometime….

I very much enjoyed my time with this poised and charming lady. She offered up a wide range of holds, but always took care to make sure that I would not leave with any sort of injury. Her attitude was upbeat and I found her personality to be both friendly and outgoing. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking an exceptional experience with a very attractive female athlete.

Had a great session with Dez recently. Wrestled for a good, competitive hour and Dez is a pleasure to talk to. Will make you feel at ease and comfortable in her company. One of my best sessions so far, very highly recommended.

I have been sessioning for about 10 years and hands down Dez was by far my favorite session ever! This girl is PERFECT from start to finish.

Dez is my new favorite session wrestler. She has an athletic contender attitude and doesn’t quit. She’s smart and a skilled martial artist who can defeat men who are bigger or stronger than she is. She completely put me in my place. She’s also drop dead gorgeous, which isn’t fair because it will make you weak in the knees!

Just had a session with Dez in Vegas. I have to agree with the other positive reviews I see here: this woman is skilled and tough, but also beautiful and charming. She was a delight to session with, and I look forward to doing so again if/when the opportunity arises.

Super sweet personality , as beautiful as you can see in her pics, and tall! I am 6’2, and the tall ones make my temperature rise.

I finally found out first hand, just how strong a woman’s legs can be!

I outweighed Dez by at least 60 pounds but it didn’t matter. That was something I always wondered about. Could someone much lighter truly have their way with you on the mat? … Was humbling but eroticly exhilarating as well!

Describing Dez as absolutely incredible is an understatement. She is a total package of charm, beauty, athleticism, and talent.

As far as skill, I imagined she would be tough, but she completely exceeded my expectations and had me tapping-out often (and I humbly consider myself above average in grappling). I can’t recommend her enough and hope to meet again.

I think she really enjoys tangling with bigger guys in a competitive manner which is what she gave. There were at least 6 different holds she put on me that progressively got stronger and to the point of losing my ego and tap tap tapping. … Whatever your Desire is, I think this woman can fulfill it in spades! There is a God! 🙂

I soon found out that she is a bonafide pro wrestler as well as a real MMA fighter.  A practitioner of BJJ as well, and oh my lord, it showed when we started to scrap. I asked to do some kickboxing first and as it was our first time together, we were both hesitant to land anything hard, so we turned it quickly into a semi comp mma fight, and quickly went to the ground to submit or be submitted!

When she walked through the door, WOW, I was taken aback by her AMAZING, model good looks. This girl is stunning! But don’t underestimate her wrestling ability because this knock-out can wrestle! She is a competitor and strong athlete and had me easily tapping from her arsenal of pro holds.

Trust me, I can wrestle and usually win but was no match for Dezy! Rear naked chokes, triangles, grapevines, scissors, etc I was beaten and exhausted. When she caught me in a tight headlock I told her it was more like a “heaven-lock” because although it was painful, I felt like I was in heaven. Dez is a beautiful person and has an infectious personality. She will no doubt live up to her dream and become a nationally know professional wrestler so trust me, set up a session with her while you still can. She is truly one of Gods gifts and my only regret is that I don’t live closer to her so that I may she her beautiful face more often 🙂

She’s a blast to hang out with even while she’s dominating you. She’s very respectful of limits, but she can make you beg if you ask her. She can use BJJ holds or the traditional fantasy holds; either way you’ll be tapping a lot. I had a blast and can’t wait to see her again!

She’s simply great, there’s nothing she doesn’t offer that you could want. She’ll act, pose, lift (even guys over 200 pounds), punch, kick, toss, spin, stomp, pin, sit, sleeper, triangle, smother, scissor with legs only a bit less unyielding than your standard issue crowbar. I’m pretty sure she’ll sing too if I had asked for that, maybe next time. If you find yourself within 50 miles book her, unless you have some aversion to sensational gorgeous women.


So cool and collected and easy going. Super nice, just a sweetie. And, a killer.

On to grappling – her domain. From the moment we engaged, I felt instantly overpowered and overmatched. Way. Dez’ grips and motions were swift, purposeful, and powerful. Against top session girls, I have session grappling experience by the dozens. I do pretty well. Never before, though, have I been so quickly and convincingly put on the receiving end. Surprise! I had a tigress by the tail. Or, I should say, she had me.

Visually designed for the catwalk, Dez’ sleek, svelte, and athletic 5’10” frame, is, perhaps, equally or even better-suited for the mats.

Dez’ Speed, strength, technique, and conditioning were way beyond my ability to defend. Period.

SessionMan – 02/05/20202


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I train every day at the gym for 4-5 hours. My training is a mix of MMA – Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai. I also train as a professional wrestler. Weekends when I am not working fights I love the outdoors.

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