We all have Needs. We all have Desires.

If your Desire is to know what it feels like to be dominated by the strength, skill, and endurance of a trained woman, look no further.

I am a professional and offer private wrestling sessions to those who dare step up.

Feel how I can put you in many physically uncomfortable positions and make you groan with pain, but only as much as I allow. Feel the helplessness as fighting back only tires you out, while I place legitimate submissions on your weak limbs and untrained body.

If you have never been trained in grappling, wrestling or jiu-jitsu but always wanted to know what it was like, I can show you.

Or perhaps you already know what you like, and prefer getting your blood or air supply cut off by a dominating and powerful choke of mine. This can be done many ways, such as with my strong biceps or my firm thighs. If this is what you fancy, I can do it.

Do you wish you could be lifted up like a toddler and carried around in the arms, or on the back, or clinging to the body of a muscular, strong woman? Do you wish to be consoled in a way you haven’t been since you were a child? That’s what I’m here for. I will lift you and carry you in so many ways, ways you’ve never even heard of. You’ll never have felt so small and weak.

Are you tired of calling the shots at work? Tired of being Mr. Big Boss all week long? I can help you wind down. Let me be your boss. Or don’t let me–I will take the role, forcefully, if necessary. I will make you feel like the submissive, tired weakling that you are. You will do as I say because, well, there’s no other choice … I’m stronger, faster and better trained than you.

What is your wish? A well deserved ass-beating? A competitive match to see your where you stand with your fight skills? A healthy athletic challenge? Or just rolling around to enjoy the love of wrestling, sweat, and exercise? That’s me. Bring it on.

Please respect that I am a professional and will not respond to requests for any type of sexual play. I pride myself on being part of a new generation of session wrestlers who respect what they do, operate professionally, and have actual, legitimate training to break your body parts, beat you up, and use you as their dummy.